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Thank you once again for joining the Moon Shots community.

Yesterday I received the following wall comment from Moon Shots member Peter Roche:

Jack I have a recommendation for you given you are the founder and organizer of this community. And that is that you add some guidelines for membership: use you real and full name; post a photograph so we can get a sense of who you are; and complete you profile giving us a sense of you interests, commitments and affiliations. FYI my practice is to ignore posts from people who use pseudonyms or avatars and if the accepted practice of a network is to allow that, or encourage it, I leave. We are seeing more "invitation only" closed groups on NING to deal with this very issue.

This advice was gratefully received as this is the first community website I've started and I'm still learning the ropes.

Peter used the phrase "guidelines for membership" and I appreciate his sensitive use of language. But what I'm going to set out here are not guidelines, but the conditions or prerequisites for membership of the Moon Shots community.

The three membership conditions:

1. Provide your first name and surname

This may mean that you need to create a new Ning identity.

2. Upload a photograph of yourself (not your house or your cat)

Line drawings such as those shown by George Pór and Holly Masturzo are also OK.

3. Display your profile

Please give us "a sense of you interests, commitments and affiliations".

If this feels a bit heavy-handed, I apologise. No one dislikes rules and regulations more than I do. And we are a group of renegades. But unless we apply these conditions we won't have a sustainable community.

We need to create and maintain a safe space in which people can participate openly and wholeheartedly without fear of who might be lurking behind an avatar or pseudonym. We have to be able to look each other in the eye and feel able to trust each other.

Perhaps you have already fulfilled the three prerequisites, in which case I thank you and hope that you aren't offended by this post. I want everyone to know that these membership conditions are now in place, and will be upheld.

Let's have it be everyone's job to make this work. If you spot a missing photo or profile, or a meaningless name, please give the person a gentle nudge.

I propose a "three strikes and you're out" policy. If, after three reminders from me, the requested photo or information has still not been provided, the person will be excluded from the community.

It may be that some people are not prepared to meet the conditions and choose to terminate their membership. If that is the case, so be it.

Please share your comments and suggestions, and any thoughts you may have about how we can turn the Moon Shots network into a vibrant and productive community.

My friend and community member Steve Bridger is a professional online community facilitator (he calls himself a "buzz director") and I will be seeking his advice.

With my thanks and very best wishes,

Jack Martin Leith
Bristol, United Kingdom
Tel: 07831 840541 (+44 7831 840541)

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I'm happy with all of this Jack!

Hiya Pete. Happy to hear that. Let's see what the others think. Hope all's good there in Wells.

thank you, Jack. Always useful to know.
I am in total agreement about proper pictures and profiles, more to do with the fact that I am nosey and like to know who I am speaking to either in person or 'virtually'

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts:-))

Myself, as leading a group on Lean Thinking myself, had a fierce conversation with one of the group co-moderators on whether it would be "good practice" to announce that active participation in the group is mandatory.

Everyone who is stepping in the group should know what is going to be expected from a new member.

Sometimes the consequences can be "not so nice" for the one ignoring them.

Perhaps that is another point: we sometimes have to deal with emotional turmoil and we still have always the freedom to choose to step in or not.

Best regards

Thank you...for starting up this community Jack and for sending all the messages today..and thank you George for inviting me to this network...
How this works for me....I'm reserved in joining online communities and I'm very happy to be part of beautiful learning, working and living communities around the world on issues and questions that touch my heart and purpose. In online communities I have sometimes the feeling that I 'have to', or 'should' contribute and participate like others do...and that's not what I want! I bring the best of me in the way and in the moment I choose. Not forced by rules and regulations and expectations which are more or less clear stated. On the other hand I see and feel the powerful contribution of online communities and the powerful support off communities through onlline connections.
So I'm happy to be in this community, to co-create from authenticity, to fill in my profile when I feel good inspiration..
Thanks Ralf (and now Lenneke - welcome!).

Just to clarify: I'm not advocating mandatory participation - it's up to each person the degree to which he or she takes part. And anyway, this will vary according to time availability, mood, topics up for discussion, mental bandwidth and so on.

My wish for the Moon Shot renegade collective is that it evolves into a community, rather than remaining as the network or glorified mailing list that it is currently.

The network/community distinction is a tricky one, and if my friend Ed Mitchell ( - highly recommended) were taking part in this conversation I know he'd have something to say on the matter. Ed used to be the community wranger at Knowledgeboard, the online community for knowledge management practitioners (see also if this is a topic that interests you) founded by the European Commission, and I'd like him to teach me some of the tricks of the trade. Trouble is, he's in Bangkok at the moment, with a trip to Sydney looming, and won't be back in Bristol (where I live too) for a month or so.

Fortunately Anne McCrossan of this parish is closely involved with Seth Godin's online community, Tribes ( - membership currently closed), and is giving me a bit of guidance. (Thank you Anne!) I'm also grateful to Peter Roche, another Moon Shots parishioner, for his sound advice.

Here are a few behavioural norms and community principles I'd like to see take root:

Mindfulness; thinking before speaking or writing
Respecting people's cherished beliefs, models, methods etc.
Asking ourselves: "Where is this person coming from? Why is he or she saying this?"
Repairing any damage as quickly as possible
Not gossiping
Profiting with, not profiting from (thanks Anne McC)
Seeking to take the action forward - constructive comments, not negative ones
(I have made particular note of that last one for myself!)

Those are the main ones that come to mind. Please feel free to challenge and re-express these suggestions, and to contribute your own ones.



P.S. This topic overlaps with Anne McCrossan's How can we be conducive? one, where Tricia Lustig offers this in response to Anne's question, What traits in terms of human interaction should we be encouraging generally within management 2.0?:

Agility? Authenticity? Groundedness? Spiritual connection? Courage? Deep listening?"
Seems like you're moving things in the right direction. I'll keep this in mind, and try not to be a snarky cynic (best way to do that is to only post when sober, which is always a good rule).
Oh - and if you think my photo needs changing, let me know.
Lovely photo Nigel! See you later.
You're doing great Jack!! And what a beautiful experience and wisdom around an in you, around and in us! No I don't choose to be part of a network (although I think I am always part of some network whether I choose to or not), I choose to be part of a 'collective in motion, in exploring' maybe evolving into a community...let's see...And I bow for the guiding principles you suggest.

Thank you Jack!
This is a great post Jack and the ideals you've articulated here are very enabling. Thank you for that.

As both you and Nigel have pointed out they very much relate to conducive thread which should probably defer to this discussion as it is more specific to this group.

My other observation which you also have included also in your post, is crediting others for the contribution they make. In moving away from the exploitative aspects of management towards a broader base for social capital (if that is a part of the future picture) that trail is a rich one.

Constructive comments also help us here. A big idea can often be disguised as a gripe, so if we can turn them around and be constructive instead of critical we're going to go places.
Community principles - updated list:

Mindfulness; thinking before speaking or writing
Respecting people's cherished beliefs, models, methods etc.
Asking ourselves: "Where is this person coming from? Why is he or she saying this?"
Repairing any damage as quickly as possible
Not gossiping
Profiting with, not profiting from (thanks Anne McC)
Seeking to take the action forward - constructive comments, not negative ones


Be generous
Give people the benefit of the doubt
Be open


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