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Thank you once again for joining the Moon Shots community.

Yesterday I received the following wall comment from Moon Shots member Peter Roche:

Jack I have a recommendation for you given you are the founder and organizer of this community. And that is that you add some guidelines for membership: use you real and full name; post a photograph so we can get a sense of who you are; and complete you profile giving us a sense of you interests, commitments and affiliations. FYI my practice is to ignore posts from people who use pseudonyms or avatars and if the accepted practice of a network is to allow that, or encourage it, I leave. We are seeing more "invitation only" closed groups on NING to deal with this very issue.

This advice was gratefully received as this is the first community website I've started and I'm still learning the ropes.

Peter used the phrase "guidelines for membership" and I appreciate his sensitive use of language. But what I'm going to set out here are not guidelines, but the conditions or prerequisites for membership of the Moon Shots community.

The three membership conditions:

1. Provide your first name and surname

This may mean that you need to create a new Ning identity.

2. Upload a photograph of yourself (not your house or your cat)

Line drawings such as those shown by George Pór and Holly Masturzo are also OK.

3. Display your profile

Please give us "a sense of you interests, commitments and affiliations".

If this feels a bit heavy-handed, I apologise. No one dislikes rules and regulations more than I do. And we are a group of renegades. But unless we apply these conditions we won't have a sustainable community.

We need to create and maintain a safe space in which people can participate openly and wholeheartedly without fear of who might be lurking behind an avatar or pseudonym. We have to be able to look each other in the eye and feel able to trust each other.

Perhaps you have already fulfilled the three prerequisites, in which case I thank you and hope that you aren't offended by this post. I want everyone to know that these membership conditions are now in place, and will be upheld.

Let's have it be everyone's job to make this work. If you spot a missing photo or profile, or a meaningless name, please give the person a gentle nudge.

I propose a "three strikes and you're out" policy. If, after three reminders from me, the requested photo or information has still not been provided, the person will be excluded from the community.

It may be that some people are not prepared to meet the conditions and choose to terminate their membership. If that is the case, so be it.

Please share your comments and suggestions, and any thoughts you may have about how we can turn the Moon Shots network into a vibrant and productive community.

My friend and community member Steve Bridger is a professional online community facilitator (he calls himself a "buzz director") and I will be seeking his advice.

With my thanks and very best wishes,

Jack Martin Leith
Bristol, United Kingdom
Tel: 07831 840541 (+44 7831 840541)

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Hello Jack and All - I'm looking at your site , group here and seeing what seems to be a stalled yet laudable attempt to organise and communicate, grow, spread and so on?

Media (and now online publishing / communities) is my thing, which was a "job" for as long as I thought I was selling advertising space, but started to become a vocation as I took on the UK sales profession as an audience in 1986. In 2006 that became, and in April 2011 that stopped being an "online magazine" so much (or newspaper even like Gary Hamel's WSJ) and morphed into a "Discussion Hub" or "Community Centre" - but including experts in every field of selling and sales management who would originally have been our advertisers.

There are too many lessons wrapped up in all of that to allow for explanation here, but I believe that LinkedIn may well be your best route to community success too - where people can only really afford to maintain one complete, personal, business related profile. So if you or anyone are members already, may I suggest that you use that network to seek out me, or our Modern Selling .com Group, for further examples and illustrations. And if you are not, I'd suggest that you spend some time looking at the benefits, at the very least building a tentative profile, and then equally sniff about a bit.

I'm not suggesting that I could or would do more than just be an enthusiastic contributor of links, people and ideas to whatever you might become, because I do have a commercial imperative to make my own niche / audience grow and prosper, and am in 50 Groups on there already - so would need to swap one out to join you. But a) I would do that and b) the crossover potential between us looks substantial and c) my first bit of advice would be that "Moon Shots" seems not to have gained any traction, and something like Modern (Global) Management (2.0) or Connect & Collaborate or the like would be a more common currency and user-friendly.

All these profile and purpose rules are already "invented" in there, for example, and can be tweaked by Group Managers, allowing you all to get on with the far more important business of connecting, collaborating and changing the world.

(And my thanks to Fiona Savage who I see joined me here from there, but did know about you all first).

Hope it helps and regards to all - Neil Warren 


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