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The stated purpose of this community is:

INFORMATION EXCHANGE Providing a place for network members to share information, tell their stories, and provoke, challenge and inspire each other.

RALLYING POINT Enabling renegade consultants, academics and others to form new coalitions that will tackle some of the 25 grand challenges together.

TRACKING STATION Monitoring the progress being made towards the widespread adoption of a new paradigm of management and organisation.

In October, I posted on an idea that we, as a community, might spend a day together (virtually) to see if we can breathe some new life and energy into the 25 grand challenges (Moon Shots) and perhaps have a real impact on global paradigms of management and organisation.

I asked "How about we organise a 24 hour conference on the 28th May (2 years after Gary & co met in Half Moon Bay)?"

We could do this on this community, or perhaps use other technologies - Twitter?, a podcasting system like Blogtalkradio?, or perhaps Google Wave?

I only had a couple of responses to the blog post, so I've now moved the idea over to the Forum, in the hope that this will promote more discussion.

I'd be really interested in knowing what members think of this idea, and if you're positive about it, how we might best be able to execute on it?

Or do you have any other ideas for how we can further our work towards our purpose?

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