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Ok, maybe we could do with forgetting the idea of reinventing management. I think the truth is already out there but might need us to pay more attention.

Not altogether sure that we should be expecting a rediscovery to come from a predominantly white, male, american group of professors, many of whom have been highly paid consultants within a broken system for a long time already. That's a sweeping generalistion about them, but I thought I'd get if off my chest.

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Aren't we in the midst of reinventing society? Management is just a small portion of it, and yet a vital one. When citizens see that they have an impact by their actions bold things like the falling of the "Wall" or the "Arab Spring" are possible.

It may not need really much, only a convenient starting point where a handful of people gather, and pull in more as the topic becomes of interest to others. We run such a small prototype here in Dresden called OpenCoffeeClubDresden.

Curious what first steps you have all taken?


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