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In May 2008, a group of 35 management scholars and practitioners – including such luminaries as Chris Argyris, Henry Mintzberg, Peter Senge, Gary Hamel and Kevin Kelly (view the full list) – spent two days at Half Moon Bay, California, where they created a massively ambitious agenda for management innovation.

The premise behind the gathering, Management 2.0: Inventing the Future of Management, was this:

  • “Modern” management, much of which dates back to the late nineteenth century, has reached the limits of improvement
  • Unless management innovators tackle those issues, companies will be unable to cope with tomorrow’s volatile world.

The fruits of these discussions have been published in Moon Shots for Management, an article written by Gary Hamel, which appears in the February 09 issue of Harvard Business Review.

Reading that article was the inspiration to create this website as a meeting place for management renegades – the consultants, academics and practitioners who are helping reinvent management practice for the 21st century.

Since the website was created in February 2009, nearly 200 renegades have joined the Moon Shots community, including five of the people who took part in the Half Moon Bay gathering.

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