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March 2009 Blog Posts (5)

A Hole in The Ocean II: Newspapers and that thinking feeling

I keep hitting the same soft wall, like the liner in a padded cell. Clay Shirky writes about it as the “unthinkable scenario” in which newspaper journalism lets the keys to public opinion, representative democracy and market capitalism, slip from the sure hands of industrial strength professionals. They clatter to the floor and a mad scramble ensues as inmates struggle to get hold of them. Whose hands… Continue

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From Sep 16, 2008 (recovered from the wreck of "A Hole In The Ocean I)

"What happened" you ask? The 'delusion’ that economics is rational,’ is what happened.

Commentators on the story, “Shock and Anger From Lehman’s Employees” ( had a variety of opinions on what happened. One suggested that the financial geniuses in The City and on Wall Street, should have sought the pragmatic advice of ‘farmers’ and ‘plumbers’—ordinary working people. I don’t think their advice would… Continue

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A Hole in The Ocean II

Watch this space, as they say. After a long and frustrating relationship with google over its idiotic customer support (yes, that's an oxymoron) policies, I've changed my home port. In the next few weeks I'll transfer excerpts from A Hole in The Ocean I (on Blogger) and try to sort out better tactics for developing this effort. -DLH

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Co-working, Entrepreneurs, and the New Order.

It's been an interesting few hours among the people I follow on twitter: starting with Jeremiah Owyang's post about three hours ago, there has been a flurry of links posted to similar subjects, in no particular order, here, here, here, and here (the last being the second article of a series of three). along with these blatant posts concerning the structure of work, there have also been a flurry of posts regarding co-working: small and one person businesses - and freelancers - coming together in… Continue

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What Does Your Company Know About Itself?

These are tough times to be in business, with the economy contracting and credit hard to come by. Companies have to find a way to survive, and to maintain their revenues, if more people are not going to be made redundant. I have always believed that innovation – change to products, services, and processes – is the best way to deal with falling revenues, either in order to reduce costs or increase revenues.

Innovation is a huge subject, with a massive literature. A number of methods… Continue

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