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July 2010 Blog Posts (2)

A Hole In the Ocean: Stimulus?

As I was saying, to make stimulus spending effective, skip business and give it to consumers

At last, someone has come up with evidence that doing anything with stimulus money other than giving it away to poor people is an enormous wast of money and time. I just came across "Stimulus Surprise: Companies Retrench When Government Spends," an interview with Joshua Coval, one of the researchers at… Continue

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A Hole In the Ocean: What Winning Would Look Like in Afghanistan

I don't know (nor does anyone else) if Obama's strategy in Afghanistan will work. I think I understand its logic: Change the dynamic by which the Taliban (in one form or another) are able to exploit tribal and religious frictions to foster a criminal enterprise. Most of us don't understand the hold the Taliban have on the people they intimidate and direct. Then again, the only reason we think we understand the criminality of the Mexican drug cartels is because we have our…


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